D&H Distributing announced it has launched a significant redesign of its popular web site, www.dandh.ca, enhancing its navigation, search, notifications and Watch List functions.  The enhancements, which went live this week, deliver an improved customer experience through a more intuitive and richly functional online offering.  

  • New drop down menus:  Menu items are now organized at the top of the page to reveal selections only from the topics the user is reviewing, and providing a wider view of additional on-screen content.
  • Browse product categories from any page:  A new, streamlined design shows category listings directly in the navigation menu for easier product browsing.
  • Improved, customizable Watch Lists:  Watch Lists can now be organized and categorized according to the reseller’s or dealer’s needs.
  • New discontinued item notifications:  When enabled, this feature sends an email informing users when an item on their Watch List has become discontinued.
  • Enhanced notification center:  Users can now view in-stock alerts in dandh.ca’s enhanced notification center located directly on the site’s top menu; in addition to receiving alerts as usual via email.

 “We’re excited to offer a more streamlined and intuitive dandh.ca web site, augmenting an already richly functional online experience and providing ongoing incentive for our loyal customers,” said Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Canada.  “This has been a year of significant developments for us as a distribution partner in Canada, enabling us to continue to deliver exemplary service for our resellers and dealers.”

“D&H is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience, which includes making dandh.ca a more effortless and productive platform.  The web site is a big part of our value proposition when it comes to making it easy for customers to do business with us,” said Jeff Davis, senior vice president of purchasing at D&H Distributing.  “This redesign is a major development, enriching the look-and-feel of the site, expanding views, and incorporating more dynamic and versatile capabilities.  Customer engagement has always been an ongoing priority at D&H, so we’ll continue to focus on improved functionality.”