D&H Distributing reached the end of its fiscal year for 2014 on April 30 with growth of 18% over the course of the year.  The company predicts an accelerated growth path for 2015 as well, estimated to reach 25% year-over-year.  D&H Canada continues to gain new customers at a rapid rate, resulting in a net of approximately 500 new resellers over the course of the year.  Such growth has necessitated D&H Canada’s move to its third facility since it opened its doors in 2007.

Much of D&H Canada’s recent growth has been generated by sales of SMB solutions, still D&H Canada’s core business.  Online ordering has also gained momentum across the company’s customer base.  These trends are expected to persist throughout Fiscal Year 2015.  D&H Canada attributes its sustained success to programs that cater to its customer profile.  D&H Canada’s Business Assurance program, for example, continues to enhance the purchasing power of VARs by delivering additional credit to qualified customers on a rolling basis.  The program has proliferated tens of millions of dollars in extended credit into the market since its inception in 2010.

“We’re proud of the outcomes we’ve been able to achieve on a long-term basis at D&H Canada.  It gives credence to our high-touch support model and its effectiveness in generating success for our resellers,” said Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Distributing.  “We’re also excited about initiatives that will reinvigorate the industry this year.  For instance, the migration away from XP environments, combined with a strengthening economy, will set the stage for gains in the channel.  D&H will continue to pursue opportunities that educate and develop its customer base in order to encourage a more profitable year for everyone involved.”