D&H Distributing said the company has seen 28% growth overall for the second half of its calendar year, 2015.  This includes double-digit increases over a multitude of individual categories year-over-year, including in key areas such as servers, printers, monitors, notebooks, and power solutions. These categories headed-up D&H Canada’s list of top-sellers, showing increases ranging from 34% to a striking 185% respectively.  

“D&H Canada has seen across-the-board performance over the course of 2015 that strictly outpaces the general growth of the distribution market,” said Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Canada. “We’re thrilled that our customers derive significant value from our programs and services, and that we’re living up to our commitment to the channel as a distribution partner. We’re looking to extend that commitment, helping to develop our customers through new trainings and emerging technologies, so they may become more versatile and profitable in the year to come.”

The company is looking toward categories such as smart home and office solutions and outdoor living products as growth targets in the future. In addition, the distributor is planning a roster of roadshow training events concentrating on specific technologies and vendor partners, to help develop resellers’ businesses. The distributor will also continue its support of resellers looking to capitalize on sales and upgrades of the new Windows 10 operating system, launched this year.  

Much of the increased activity in the server category was due to D&H’s long-term support relative to Microsoft’s Server 2003 end-of-service deadline, which elapsed in July of this year.  Throughout 2015, the distributor urged its VARs to take advantage of refresh opportunities that accompany a cut-over to a new server infrastructure, which often includes comprehensive upgrades of back office systems and ancillary networking solutions.  

Growth Categories for D&H Included: (Second Half of Calendar Year 2015, Year-over-Year)

Servers     185%

Printers          73%

Monitors          64%

Warranties /software/licensing     65%

Power protection     53%

Headphones/microphones     42%

Laptops/notebooks     34%