The new distribution center features nine shipping docks, implementation of RF capabilities for increased receiving efficiency, and better access to several major highways (Routes 401, 407, 410, 403 and the Queen Elizabeth Highway). This larger, more logistically efficient and strategically located facility means greater inventory capacity and faster deliveries for D&H Canada’s growing customer base; plus enhanced, more cost-effective operations.

The warehouse is also configured to be as energy-efficient and “green” as possible. It boasts an abundance of natural light, reducing its artificial lighting requirements. Electrical fixtures consist of cutting-edge, high output/low energy T5 lighting throughout, and the building employs energy-efficient thermal insulation to curb heating and cooling costs.

“The new distribution center enables us to serve our customers that much better, with increased space for inventory and quicker shipping,” said Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Canada. “We need to be the best operation we can be, to meet the needs our resellers and dealers as well as possible through the current conditions.”

“We think it’s significant that within our second year, we’ve been able to upgrade to a custom-designed facility that will increase capacity yet minimize our ecological impact, allowing us to enhance our already high level of service,” said Michael Schwab, co-president at D&H. “It’s the support of our customers that have allowed us to grow, so optimization was our priority in the new distribution center.”