D&H Canada announced that it has moved into a new facility at Heritage Road in Brampton, Ontario.  The new warehouse encompasses nearly twice the capacity of its former location in Mississauga.  The transition took place the week of May 19, and the facility is currently fully operational.

The move was prompted by healthy, sustained growth in year-over-year revenues at D&H Canada, including 18% gains overall in Fiscal Year 2014 and estimates of up to 25% growth predicted for the forthcoming fiscal period.  The distributor foresees strong sales across all its customer segments, including SMB resellers, direct marketers, retail dealers and eCommerce-based sales.  Growth is also predicted in the areas of mobility and networking infrastructures, as a result of a pending refresh prompted in part by the migration away from Microsoft XP environments.

D&H Canada has demonstrated double-digit YOY increases each year since the division launched in this country in 2007.  This is D&H Canada’s third location since the division was established, necessitated each time by positive growth.

In addition to ample inventory space, the state-of-the-art distribution center features an upgraded IT back-up and power supply system that will ensure same-day shipping even in the event of an extended power outage. The location also takes advantage of many of the same amenities as D&H Canada’s previous location, including cutting-edge machinery to optimize logistics, eco-conservative packing equipment and automation, significant natural lighting, abundant shipping docks and efficient RF capabilities.

“D&H Canada is proud to invest in the growth of the company, and consequently, in the growth of our customers,” said Greg Tobin, general manager at D&H Canada. “This new facility offers multiple benefits that will ensure streamlined, expedient throughput of orders as we move toward a predicted expansion in the marketplace.  We’re grateful to our customers for their loyalty, which is what has propelled us forward.  These new foundations will allow us to help develop our resellers’ business and support their long-term success.”