Destiny Media Technologies announced it expanded its Clipstream® service to the ad tech industry with the signing of its first agreement for the delivery of rich media mobile ads.   The ads are part of a new digital ad category known as  "out-stream ads" – video ads that run on text-dominant Web pages.    Out-stream ads benefit publishers by allowing them to sell premium video ads inside text content and benefit advertisers by increasing video ad inventory.

The expansion is driven by Clipstream®'s patent pending video streaming technology which uses the canvas tag instead of the video tag allowing it to power innovative ad-formats not easily reached by other solutions.  Overcoming the limitations imposed on the display of video by web browsers, Clipstream® is able to deliver out-stream ads on mobile web devices where conventional technology cannot.  Clipstream® enables ad industry partners to implement critical ad features including trackable click-throughs, displaying graphics alongside the video, and interactivity that cannot be done using other technologies.

"Our expansion of the Clipstream® service into the ad tech industry is a critical milestone." said Rick Ramsay, Director of Product Management for Destiny Media.  "Digital video advertising is growing rapidly along with the significant growth of mobile device usage.  These changes are driving the ad-industry to look for powerful technologies like Clipstream to give them complete control over how their ads are delivered."