Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE Wireless) announced that it has entered into a multi-year roaming agreement with Rogers Wireless. The agreement provides future DAVE Wireless subscribers with nationwide wireless voice and data services.

“DAVE Wireless is building our own 3G network in major metropolitan areas,” said Dave Dobbin, President of DAVE Wireless. “As part of our promise to deliver value, simplicity and flexibility to our customers, we needed a high-quality partner to provide our customers voice and data roaming services when they travel outside our coverage areas. That is why, when securing a national roaming partner, we chose Rogers – their network is compatible with our 3G network and will allow us to offer the attractive services and innovative mobile technologies that our customers will want.”

DAVE Wireless now has roaming agreements in place to cover North America.

“Allowing our customers to roam across Canada and the USA is important in today’s wireless world and we are pleased to be roaming partners with Rogers in Canada,” said Dobbin.