Dataram Corporation today announced that two of its module designs for unbuffered DDR memory have been tested by Intel and verified to be in compliance to Intel specifications. Dataram’s DDR2-533 unbuffered memory has been validated to perform in Intel reference systems.

Dataram’s DTM63303A, a PC2-4200 unbuffered 4-4-4 (latency) 512MB capacity module, is designed for Intel’s new desktops, while its 512MB ECC version, DTM63304A, is designed for Intel workstations and one-way server architectures.

“DDR2 memory technology addresses the need for faster speeds, lower power consumption and cooler operation,” stated Paul Henke, Director of Product Marketing for Dataram. “These validations are confirmation of Dataram’s advanced design, manufacturing and testing capabilities to produce memory for the next generation of systems from Intel.”

“Memory module suppliers such as Dataram play an important role in providing memory to the worldwide distribution and system builder channel market, which is a significant and growing business for Intel,” stated Willy Agatstein, Intel Reseller Products Group General Manager.

DDR2 memory features technological advances that deliver greater reliability and performance at extremely fast DDR2-533 data rates. Power is reduced to 1.8V resulting in cooler operation. Improved signal integrity is achieved using On-Die Termination (ODT) for significantly higher speed. Although physical module size remains at 5.25”, DDR2 modules have 240 pins with a unique key or indentation, making DDR2 DIMMs incompatible with existing DDR1 memory.