Dataram today announced the immediate availability of 16GB memory upgrades for Hewlett-Packards HP 9000 rp3400 and rp4400 series servers. The 16GB options allow users to expand the maximum memory capacity of the rp3440-4 from 24 to 32GB, and the rp4410-4 and rp4440-8 from 64 to 128GB.

Dataram’s 16GB DRH3400 upgrade for HPs 4-way rp3440-4 server, and 16GB DRH4440 for HPs 4-way rp4410-4 and 8-way rp4440-8 each consists of four 4GB Chip Spare PC2100 DDR DIMMs. Chip Spare is an advanced form of ECC that maintains data integrity in the event of a multi-bit error detected on a single DRAM chip. The latest generation of dual core PA-RISC PA-8900 processors and HPs zx1 chipset are featured in these servers.

Dataram’s memory options increase server performance, capacity and scalability while providing customers with significant cost savings when compared to similar upgrades offered by HP, stated Jeff Goldenbaum, Product Manager at Dataram.

Dataram offers a complete line of memory upgrades for HP servers and workstations, and also other popular EDA workstations from SUN, IBM and SGI. Dataram memory saves customers up to 50% when compared to the cost of manufacturers memory. Dataram guarantees its memory to be 100% compatible and is backed by a lifetime warranty and world-class technical support.