Data Centers Canada a data center provider which operates, develops and manages Canadian real estate for the purpose of providing turn-key data center solutions including colocation and disaster recovery solutions for enterprises, today announced that it has launched a new channel partner program.

Data Centers Canada’s new channel partner program is tailored towards various market vertical partners including; IT VAR’s, technology service providers, master agents and real estate professionals.

“Our Partner Program initiatives have been key drivers in our continued growth in the Canadian data center / colocation marketplace,” commented Tony Di Benedetto, Managing Partner at Data Centers Canada. “We continue to develop these programs to maximize benefits to our partners,” added Di Benedetto.

The updated Partner Program will continue to provide its members access to the complete Data Centers Canada colocation and disaster recovery solution set along with a simplified agency model to easily facilitate transactions and create ongoing, recurring revenue streams for our partners.

In addition to the financial benefits, Data Centers Canada sales associates will engage in a flexible and scalable collaborative selling approach with its partner members to support funnel development and increase sales successes to create a win-win scenario for all parties.

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