– Annual revenue increase of almost 20%
– Secured financings totalling $2.3M; cash and cash equivalents
of $2.7M at year end

– Completed a licensing agreement with Twentieth Century Fox

– Formed an important partnership with Deluxe Digital Studios

– Unveiled, in partnership with HP, the new high-end gaming chair
at the 2007 CES

– Initiated commercialisation of the new Universal Motion Platform for
home theatres

– Strengthened management team

D-BOX Technologies Inc.
a leading provider of motion technology offering a
complete immersive experience in entertainment, today released its financial
and operating results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007.

“We are very proud to announce an increase in our revenues that confirm
the Company’s progress, but most importantly, we are pleased to see that all
the efforts we have put towards developing and implementing our new sales
strategy have started to bear fruit” said Claude Mc Master, President and
Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX Technologies. “I am now able to count on
three new accomplished members of our management team that will support me in
this endeavour. We remain confident that the alliances we have formed will
enable our technology to become a new world standard in the entertainment

The Company is focusing on the execution of its two-pronged growth
strategy: i) by developing strong relationships with worldwide leaders of the
entertainment industry that has translated into two signed agreements with FOX
and Deluxe during 2007 and ii) by strengthening its sales force, now led by a
new Vice-President. The adoption of a new technology in this industry is
intimately tied to acceptance from the centers of influence that represent
movie and video game producers. They are constantly looking for technologies
that provide an increasingly realistic and immersive experience for the
consumer. This is why D-BOX continues to invest in research and development in
order to increase its product offering and lower its fabrication costs. These
efforts should lead to a larger target market in the years to come.

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