Current Analysis, the leading provider of tactical intelligence and competitive response solutions in the telecommunications, networking, and business software industries, has released its updated assessment of major On Demand Video Server (ODVS) products, which finds Cisco taking the highest rank, followed by Concurrent and Edgeware.

Advances in processing power and flash memory technology continue drive competitiveness for supporting the scalable video distribution and cache/storage requirements to fulfill ever-increasing consumption of on-demand content. The reports highlight 2x and 3x increases to streaming densities for some commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms, with high-end convergence approaching 5,000 standard definition (SD) streams per RU.

However, "the competitive intensity is shifting to provide flexibility for supporting the myriad of features and business models for multi-screen video delivery," says Yoav Schreiber, Senior Analyst for Digital Media Infrastructure at Current Analysis. "For instance, by dedicating processing power to support file and live transcoding capabilities, ODVS vendors are enabling service providers to stream on-demand video content to PCs and mobile devices from network edge deployments."

The Product Assessment reports provide a collection of product profiles and rankings designed to measure the competitive propositions of seven ODVS products in addressing the evolving on-demand requirements of service providers for delivering personalized content experiences to consumers, including support of multi-screen delivery, advanced advertising, and content delivery network (CDN) architectures. Rankings for the ODVS Product Assessments are based on five key buying criteria driven by demand and supply side factors. The criteria include: scalability, reliability, functionality, green design and market traction.