Crowdsite's new Shout service is as easy as Twitter and yet more powerful than Freelancer. It matches freelancers and those seeking services, based on a 140-character long interactive message.

Shout to the Crowd

With the Crowdsite Shout service you can describe your project in 140 characters, use hashtags and add location information. Shout your message to the Crowd and you'll get real-time notifications of freelancers who are interested.

Crowdsite's live chat helps you to get to know the freelancers. Once you have found the freelancer that fits your requirements you can invite him/her to your project, work out a deal, exchange files and manage payments worldwide.

45,000 … and counting

Crowdsite connects you to a fast expanding network of freelancers all over the world. Our community of over 45,000 freelancers is rapidly growing now that more and more people experience the ease of use, security and quality of service that Crowdsite offers.

$100,000 from Google's Launchpad

As proof that we are not the only ones envisioning big things for our future, Google has incorporated Crowdsite into the top tier of the Google Launchpad program. On top of the $100,000 contribution we're receiving, Crowdsite's incorporation in the Launchpad program lets us fully leverage our services on the Google App Engine platform. Furthermore, it opens up a vast network invaluable to a changing and growing enterprise.