For too many people, the bedroom is functional space, often the
last room in the house to be decorated. But with the right planning and decor,
it can become a personal sanctuary that calms, centers and energizes.

Davis Remignanti,’s lead design consultant, offers these
easy design tips on how to transform the most traditional “sleep space” into
an instant personal getaway:

* Get away from it all: Start by thinking “Sanctuary” and begin designing
a true retreat with a focus on your favorite pastime. Whether you love
to paint, read, exercise, or listen to music, don’t crowd your activity
— provide the desk space, storage, or comfy seating that it requires.
Sketch your concepts online at’s Room Planner

* Savor your Zzzzz’s: At the end of the day, the bedroom is about
sleeping, and your bed is where you likely spend around a 1/3 of each
day. Since a good night’s sleep will make all the difference tomorrow,
consider upgrading your mattress or simply adding fresh new bedding.
Then, stretch out and relax.

* Shun the distractions: Escape from the world by hiding away larger
electronics — television, stereo components and computer — in an
armoire that provides easy access to your media channels when you want
them, but is even easier on the eyes when you don’t.

* Showcase your passion: If you love it, let it show. When redecorating,
resist the impulse to pack away mementoes. Instead, look for
opportunities to showcase souvenirs and photos of what you love to do
and the people you love to be with. A true retreat is not just a
getaway, but a celebration of your passions.

* Look up: Don’t forget your vertical space. Carry your retreat design
theme into the third dimension by updating your walls with a fresh new
color. You can also put them to work: Walls are an underutilized
resource — examine where you can add shelving, storage options, or a
new piece of artwork.

* Lighten up your outlook: Any room makeover calls for a fresh look at
lighting. Survey the room as a whole as well as specific task needs.
The lighting requirements in your new activity area will differ greatly
from your dressing and your sleeping areas. For extra convenience —
as well as added ambiance — consider putting your primary lights on a
dimmer switch.

* Feel groovy: When accessorizing, feel the energy of Feng Shui by
following the practice originated in China of honoring the environment
— indoors. Where possible, introduce water, wind chimes, color and
crystals into your design. Read more about history and practice of Feng
Shui at:

* Browse the possibilities: Review the decorating advice, product
information, and interactive design tools at
( for more ideas on completing your own
personal sanctuary.