It's a fantastic goal that some VARs and MSPs do reach, yet it is only a pipe dream for others. Why is that? Since we have been helping VARs and MSPs grow their business for over a decade, I have learnt a few things on what works and what doesn't. 

Pretty much everything that you need know how to grow your business can be found somewhere out there on "googleland". For those with a strong sense of determination, ability to learn and lots of free time, googleland can be your ticket. Richard Tubb has written a few books on improving your MSP business. He knows how to make a successful MSP so read his books! It is a great idea to digest all of the information you can get on building a bigger, better and stronger business. 

Learning is great, but taking the actions to actually improve the business is the really big challenge. How will you put what you have learnt into practice? 

Randal Wark has an excellent way to help VARs and MSPs get the job done right. It is called VAR MasterMind. Some of you may be familiar with what is a Master Mind Group. If you have never experienced a MasterMind group, it may be worth your time to find one and join. 

Basically it is where you collaborate with a group of your peers to explore and find ways to build a bigger, better and stronger business. It is amazing what you can learn from your peers. There is always someone who has solved the very same problem that you are experiencing. One of the key components is your commitment. When you make a commitment in a MasterMind group, the rest of your peers will hold you to doing it. 

The VARMasterMind group that Randal is running focussed exclusively on VARs and MSPs. A maximum of 10 companies are grouped together for at least one year with the guidance of six business coaches (each with a different skill set). They work virtually as well as in face-to-face meetings to tackle all of the challenges of each group member. Literally, no problem is ever too small or too big to get solved. They support each other to get the job done!

The results are obvious but the success varies by each member. You get out what you put into it. The general goal is to help every member to grow their business by 30% within the first year. At the upcoming ChannelNEXT event on May 16-17, Randal will give the delegates a taste of what it is like to be part of a MasterMind group. If you cannot make it, you can learn more at VARMasterMind.