There are several PRM solutions on the market and each trying to out-do the other by packing in more features. The race is on to help vendors automate their channel partner ecosystem. The goal is obvious and worthy, but stop the press… Could a new breed of vendors bring a different approach that will change the game?

Cutting out the redundant and mundane parts of channel partner management is something that everyone wants and needs. However, building PRMs that are too heavy and costly may not be wise. Many channel partners struggle to use PRM portals especially when the problem if compounded by having to juggle 20 different portals from 20 vendors.

Deal registration, management and (real) protection is mission critical to channel partners but less so for some vendors. So long as the vendor gets the deal, many seem to be less concerned about who is the reseller of record.

Start-up companies like Kiflo are focusing on specific big pain points in partner management.  How the deal is processed and tracked right down to the revenue components. Better protection of the deals. Allowing partners to see and manage the entire process. Transparency to keep both sides honest. A way for both sides to review and analyze the entire book of business. Ability to connect the dots with third party solutions like CRM and financial applications.


There are many moving parts to Channel Partner Automation. Building the right CPA technology stack can make a huge impact in success. We will be discussing CPA and more at our upcoming Channel Manager Summit on Feb 17 Click here to learn more and register.