It's a communications hub, delivering user content to existing social media sites with just a single touch. The integrated platform allows creation of customized contact groups, such as Family, Business Network, or Close Friends.

"All of our features have been fully integrated into a single platform that's specifically built for mobile users," says Conx2share CEO/President HG Strickland. "It's easy to use, has amazing graphics and interfaces with other functions perfectly.

"But we're not stopping here. Our development team continues to make improvements and users can upgrade for free."

Conx2share is now available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The basic version is free and the plus version is just $2.99. A standard e-mail address, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account can be used to sign up for the app.

Among the upgrades are a specially designed favorites function and a series of instructional videos.

"The Favorites" function allows you to choose favorites from your friends and place them on a scrolling bar at the top of the home page so the people you speak with most are at your fingertips at all times," explains Strickland. "This saves time and energy, and is specifically designed for people on the go."

"Conx2share is already very user-friendly," notes Strickland, "but even those who are technology-averse can easily learn how to use the app by watching the videos."

It's easy to share a post with whomever you want. With Conx2share, all you need to do is select the post and click the "Share" icon.

"All of the user's social media icons will appear at the bottom of the screen," Strickland says. "Just select the social media sites you want, review and edit your post, and then click Post. All your content is delivered with one click. Sharing your life has never been easier."

Upcoming features will include live streaming, eShopping, gaming, voice messaging, phone calls and video calls. Besides elements designed for personal use, Conx2share is developing features to help businesses connect with potential customers through video embedding, photo-sharing and real-time content updates.

"It's an economical easy way to expose your business brand," says Strickland.