Convera Corporation a leading provider of search technologies to commercial
enterprises and government agencies, today announced that its Excalibur(TM)
Web search technology is set to launch as the index now contains more than 4
billion pages.

In addition to reaching 4 billion pages of textual Web content, the
Excalibur(TM) technology also comprises approximately 500 million images,
20 million audio components and 5 million videos.

The Company also disclosed that it has completed the build-out of its
second data center located in Dallas, Texas. This site, in conjunction with
the Company’s San Diego data center now affords prospective customers a fully
redundant hosting environment.
With the attainment of these operational and technology milestones,
Convera is positioned to begin accepting customers for Excalibur(TM),
presently a private label search offering.
“We believe we have created a unique search engine,” said Patrick C.
Condo, Convera President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Research shows
end-users tend to only look at the first page of search results. What makes
the Excalibur(TM) offering different is that our search technology reaches
down into the unread pages and, by using what we call ‘facets’, essentially
retrieves and categorizes information that readers would have otherwise
missed. Our goal is simple — to provide end-users with relevant and useful
answers, not just a list of popular results,” Condo concluded.

The Excalibur(TM) Web search technology, while a newly developed search
platform, leverages Convera’s experience over the past 15 years in creating
“deep search” products for law enforcement, national security and intelligence