Comwave announced that it has released Comwave Hosted PBX for business customers. Comwave Hosted PBX is a cloud based phone system for business that bundles together Polycom telephones, phone lines, over 40 business class features, long distance and a private digital secure connection, and all for a fixed low monthly fee of $39.95 per user.

“Businesses told us time and again that they wanted an easy way to transition from their older phone systems to leading edge phone systems,” says Ted Chislett, President Comwave Business Solutions. “They didn’t want to spend money on capex, and they wanted the latest features, like ePhone and Mobile Apps for their mobile workforce. Comwave Hosted PBX is very compelling.”

Comwave Hosted PBX phone systems are managed by Comwave 24×7 on a secure private connection to ensure a high quality secure call. What’s more, it also includes HD-Audio and Video which is unmatched in Canada.

“All regular phone systems are antique compared to Comwave Hosted PBX which scales from a few users to hundreds of users in minutes,” says Ted Chislett. That’s because with Comwave Hosted PBX you don’t purchase that expensive phone system cabinet that sits at the back of your office taking up valuable space. Comwave provides Polycom IP phones that connect through the cloud to Comwave to access all the features. It’s secure, it’s redundant and it’s better.