Before any security company was able to generate a vaccine to detect and eliminate the Zotob, and IRCBot.KC and KD cybercrime worms — which yesterday were able to affect numerous large companies and institutions, especially in the US — Panda Software clients who had TruPrevent(TM) proactive protection technologies installed were already immune to the attacks from these malicious codes.

A proactive technology should protect systems before a threat even appears. Panda Software’s proactive technologies observe and analyze behavior, establishing, in real-time and transparently to users, if processes started on a computer could represent a threat to the system and blocking them if they are suspicious. This means they are able to prevent cybercrime attacks from malicious code such as Zotob and IRCBot. For this reason, TruPrevent(TM) Technologies do not need to be updated every time a new example of malware appears in order to block it. Dangerous malicious code such as Sobig, MyDoom and Netsky, were also blocked effectively by TruPrevent

Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs, explains, “Our proactive technologies operate on the basis of a correlation algorithm that we have developed after years of research. This is why they don’t need signature files to be able to detect a new species of malware. Since the launch of these technologies in August 2004, they have proved to be highly effective, proactively blocking more than 18,000 samples of unknown malware of all types: bots, spyware, Trojans, worms, viruses, etc. The real proof of their effectiveness is that these technologies now protect more than one and a half million PCs — both corporate and consumer — across the world.”