The results of fifty-two million end-user speed tests have shown Canada as a global contender in broadband internet performance, ranking often in the top ten of international countries, according to a new report by LEMAY-YATES ASSOCIATES Inc.

LYA benchmarked six key broadband internet metrics, covering cost and performance indicators as well as household penetration in G7 and 32 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. Based on data from more than 52 million actual user speed tests, LYA has found that the performance of Canada’s broadband internet services is significantly better than rankings in previous international studies, which are often only based on advertised Internet speeds.

“The results of LYA’s analysis demonstrate that Canada’s broadband internet metrics are often in the top quartile among these countries, not near the bottom as reported by some organizations including the OECD,” noted Ms. Johanne Lemay, co-author of the Report at LYA. “Using actual tests conducted by users gives a far more accurate measure of performance than simply basing findings on what internet service providers advertise their broadband internet speeds to be.”

The LYA report has ranked Canada seventh (7th least expensive) out of 32 OECD countries when comparing average monthly broadband subscription costs. Out of 32 OECD countries, Canada ranks 12th in average Cost of a Mbps of Downstream Speed to end users – more than two times better than the 2011 OECD ranking.