COLO-D is proud to announce the opening of a second mega data center in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). This new 35 megawatt (MW) capacity colocation facility, will be commissioned in a 150,000 square foot building in Longueuil. Once renovated, this data center will be the most important of its type in the province of Quebec, clearly positioning COLO-D as the dominant operator of carrier-neutral colocation centers in eastern Canada.

COLO-D's new data center strengthens its highly competitive offering to international cloud computing and technology companies looking for infrastructure solutions in North America, in addition to large Canadian corporations looking to store their critical data in Canada. The company is also proud to be recognized as a North American wholesale leader that offers colocation services that are in data centers powered by green, renewable energy. ‟COLO-D serves a sophisticated and discerning clientele. Our unique and specialized expertise ensures that we are at the forefront of providing solutions in data center infrastructure for large companies in Canada,ˮ said Patrick David, President and CEO of COLO-D.

With the opening of its second colocation center, COLO-D is now, more than ever, able to serve companies active in the digital economy in all world markets with its new presence in the greater Montreal region, a hub that links Canada's largest carriers to those in the US and abroad. The numerous telecommunication providers that service COLO-D data centers allow companies hosted in its space to benefit from high-speed and low latency connectivity to the significant Eastern North American market.

‟The COLO-D ecosystem provides fertile ground for players in the international digital scene, whether they are video game producers, software developers or cloud computing service providers. While the economies of all countries are rapidly digitizing, notably as a result of the development of cloud storage facilities and the Internet of Things, COLO-D customers benefit from Montreal's new position as a leading telecommunications traffic hub in North America in which to establish themselves, reduce the latency connectivity that separates them from their clients, and increase their sales. Essentially, the accommodation of capacity and connectivity of data centers are the engine and fuel of the digital economy,ˮ added Patrick David.

Quebec's future flagship data center will be known as COLO-D2 and will have a capacity of more than 150,000 square feet and 35 MW. Before the commissioning of the new center, COLO-D is pleased to confirm that a long-term agreement has been reached with a major Canadian public company that will store its critical infrastructures in this facility. In addition to COLO-D1, which is an existing data centre based in Drummondville, Quebec, with 115,000 square feet of space and a power capacity of 20 MW, COLO-D will be able to offer its domestic and international customers a total of more than 250,000 square feet of space and 55 MW of power capacity once the new COLO-D2 center is complete.