Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence and
corporate performance management (CPM), today announced the immediate general
availability of Cognos 8 Business Intelligence, the industry’s first solution
that delivers complete BI capabilities in a single product, on a single Web
Services-based architecture.

Today’s CIOs and business leaders require a BI solution that delivers a
complete view of business issues for high value decision-making on a global
scale. Cognos 8 BI is a groundbreaking product that addresses this need by
providing decision makers at all levels of the enterprise with a consistent,
accurate view of information to better manage performance. As a single product
that easily integrates into existing infrastructures with multiple systems and
data sources, Cognos 8 BI is a robust technology foundation for BI
standardization and corporate performance management.

BI is a top strategic priority for organizations worldwide. In a recent
Gartner EXP CIO survey, BI was listed as No. 2 on the 2005 CIO top 10
technology priority list, up from No. 10 in 2004.* IDC’s recent Market Watch
survey also ranks BI as no. 2 on the “CIO To-Do List” for 2006.

Showcased to more than 20,000 decision makers worldwide, Cognos 8 BI is
the only solution to deliver a simplified, zero-footprint interface for all
users, authors and administrators. Easy to integrate, deploy and use, Cognos 8
BI delivers a simplified BI environment that drives high user adoption and
speeds decision-making with relevant, actionable information in the right
language and format. Role-based licensing provides flexibility for customers
to quickly implement the capabilities they require as they need them.

Cognos 8 BI has also gained overwhelmingly positive reviews from industry
analyst thought leaders since its market introduction:

AMR Research
“The release of Cognos 8 BI continues to raise the stakes for BI
standardization … Cognos’ SOA design aids functionality and agility.”(1)

Bloor Research
“Cognos 8 has two big advantages over its competitors: it has a unified
architecture, which not all of its rivals do; and it has Event Studio, which
is a major differentiator.”(2)

Nucleus Research
“With this new release of its business intelligence platform, Cognos is
making it easier for companies to standardize on its tools to handle all
aspects of business analytics, reporting, and measurement.”(3)

Ventana Research
“We believe the release of Cognos 8 BI strengthens Cognos’ market
position. The product is a strong option for organizations seeking to
standardize their BI product portfolio. With its broad set of functions,
tighter integration and new capabilities, Cognos 8 is a strong

These published reports address BI standardization; competitive
differentiators, the product’s Services Oriented Architecture and key new
features such as extended open data access, dimensional reporting and dynamic
dashboards, comparative analysis against multi-dimensionally modeled
relational or OLAP data, event management and process integration, and
actionable scorecards.

“The market paradigm shift underscored by the industry research and led by
Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is the latest phase in the evolution of BI from
a departmental ‘nice-to-have’ to a strategic ‘must-have’ solution,” said Rob
Ashe, president and CEO, Cognos. “Cognos 8 BI delivers a single platform that
goes beyond mere ‘suite integration’ by providing the complete spectrum of
capabilities enterprises need to achieve their BI goals. It’s a modern BI
platform tailored to deliver the proven reliability our customers enjoy and
our prospects seek.”