Following TDSB’s rigorous Request for Proposal process, Cogeco Data
Services was selected from among other established firms. According to TDSB’s
Don Higgins, Executive Officer-Business Services, “Cogeco Data Services
offered the most innovative and cost-effective solution to meet the fast
changing technology needs of our staff, students and schools.”

The agreement calls for Cogeco Data Services to provide the TDSB with a
wide area network connection to nearly 600 locations, including elementary
schools, secondary schools and administrative buildings serving over 300,000
learners and 30,000 educators and administrators.

“This is an important deal for us and we are pleased to be working with
the TDSB,” said Ian Collins, President of Cogeco Data Services. “We have the
network technology and capacity to support the current learning needs of the
TDSB’s students and educators, and provide the flexibility and scalability to
address the evolving needs of the school district well into the future.”

The contract ensures a continued commitment to increase the reach and
capabilities of the fibre backbone to deliver service to students, educators
and administrators. Cogeco Data Services will construct additional fibre optic
cable throughout the city. It will provide a substantially higher capacity
connection for each location, including the TDSB Data Centre, as compared with
their existing network, greatly improving their speed, security and redundancy

The improved network will allow the TDSB to meet the changing learning
needs of their students in a world where technological literacy is critical
for success. With the increased bandwidth, the TDSB will be able to:

– Enrich classroom programming across the curriculum with interactive
collaboration, social networking, and to build effective learning

– Enable a media-rich learning environment and unique specialized
programs such as the cyber-arts program

– Provide on-demand delivery of online resources through such innovative
technologies as streamed video, school library websites, and
integrated library services

The increased bandwidth will also enhance TDSB’s effectiveness and
accountability to their stakeholders by:

– Delivering integrated resources that meet the curricular and
professional needs of staff, students, parents, and the community

– Facilitating centralized document storage, workflow, and retrieval of

– Ensuring effective security and privacy protection

“The TDSB is committed to providing our students with the critical
learning opportunities and 21st century skills they will need to be
successful,” said Don Higgins. “In this challenging economic climate, our
agreement with Cogeco Data Services is a strategic long-term investment that
makes sense for our students and schools. It brings innovative technology into
the classroom, enhances our administrative capacity, and gives TDSB the
flexibility we need well into the future.”