Cogeco Connexion is proud to unveil today new TV packages for its consumer market in Ontario and Québec. Its offering has been completely redesigned and revamped to enable greater choice, thereby meeting evolving expectations in terms of personalized content selection. Existing Cogeco Connexion customers can continue to benefit from their current packages.

"We have put a lot of thought into the redesign of our TV packages, conducting an in-depth analysis of our customers' needs and their evolving content consumption habits, and I am very proud to launch our new offering today," said Louise St-Pierre, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cogeco Connexion. "We are confident that our customers will positively welcome our renewed offering which combines value and flexibility, while being highly competitive in the marketplace."

Basic Channels
Cogeco Connexion now offers an entry-level package named "Basic Channels" which is comprised of local and regional over-the-air Canadian stations, mandatory distribution channels, as well as community and educational channels. Cogeco Connexion has also decided to include affiliates of conventional American networks in this package, to exceed customers' expectations. Subscription to the "Basic Channels" package is a requirement to access any other packages or channels.

A personalized selection for greater flexibility in optional packages
Customers can create their own packages of 10, 20, 30 or 40 additional channels in Ontario, or of 10, 15, 20 or 30 channels in Québec, by choosing from a wide array of Canadian, American and foreign channels. Cogeco Connexion's "My Mix" package allows customers to design a tailored package based on their interests.

Ready-to-watch packages for greater value
Cogeco Connexion has created two ready-to-watch packages with higher added value for customers looking for simplicity and the best quality-to-price ratio. The "Perfect Mix" and "Ultimate Mix" packages include the most popular channels such as Sportsnet, TSN and AMC in Ontario, and TVA Sports, RDS and Canal Vie in Québec. The "Ultimate Mix" package offers even more value with a rich selection of movie channels, including The Movie Network and Super Channel in Ontario, and Super Écran and Cinépop in Québec.

A wider selection of standalone channels
Cogeco Connexion has expanded the availability of its standalone channels: close to 110 standalone channels are now available in Ontario, and close to 60 standalone channels are now offered in Québec. Customers can therefore benefit from an enriched selection, allowing them to pay for the channels they really want to watch. Cogeco Connexion is therefore going over and above what was requested on March 1, 2016, as per the Let's Talk TV: A World of Choice policy.

A new offering tailored to business customers
At the same time, Cogeco Connexion is unveiling a new TV offering for its business customers, including an entry-level package as well as tailored packages based on industry verticals.