Cogeco Cable Canada is proud to announce that it will now be offering its services under the name "Cogeco Connexion." In addition, its community television network, TVCogeco, now bears the name "CogecoTV." These new corporate names are part of the renewal of the brands of all the business units in the Cogeco family, announced today, and will not result in any changes in their operations.

The descriptive term "cable" has been removed from the new name since it was no longer representative of the scope of the advanced technologies the company leverages today to drive its operations and meet the needs of its customer segments. The name "Cogeco Connexion", a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc., reflects the company's mission and expresses the evolution of its offering, ranging from video to high-speed Internet and telephony service, along with data and voice transmission services and cloud-based applications for businesses. It also underlines the very human element of making a connection.

"Cogeco Connexion is a reflection of what we are, and expresses the vast range of our sophisticated communications services, the evolution of our company and, above all, our proximity with our customers over the entire territory where we operate," stated Louise St‑Pierre, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cogeco Connexion. She added: "This new name perfectly exemplifies the values we convey in everything we do on a daily basis to drive powerful connections for our customers while fostering genuine connections with our customers."


Cogeco Connexion at a glance


  • 2550 employees
  • Customer segments: residential and business
  • Offering: video, high-speed Internet, telephony, fibre-based data and voice transmission, and cloud-based applications for businesses
  • 11,000 km of linear optical fibre between Windsor, Ontario, and Gaspé, Québec
  • Hybrid network: optical fibre and coaxial cable
  • Fibre-optic network since 1990
  • Internet download speeds provided: up to 250 megabits per second
  • Community television stations: 15 in Québec and 22 in Ontario, with close to 1000 volunteers