CMP Media announced the launch of CMP Buyer Connection, an initiative which enables top technology vendors to make a one-to-one connection with the buyers most interested in their products and services. With this targeted program, CMP is offering the industry’s most scalable demand generation programs that include lead guarantees. In addition to a guaranteed number of qualified buyers to marketers, CMP Buyer Connection enhances results by providing profiled data from CMP’s comprehensive database of technology professionals at small, medium and large businesses.

CMP Media is well-known throughout the industry for delivering award- winning editorial content to audiences of technology and business technology professionals. Top technology vendors rely on CMP Media to drive awareness, consideration and preference for their products and services, and the new CMP Buyer Connection is designed to strengthen their existing marketing programs with CMP Media.

“The struggle to systematically develop leads while still building awareness and image is a common problem for technology vendors,” said Steve Weitzner, President and Chief Executive Officer of CMP Media. “CMP Media has the right solution: from lead generation to demand generation, CMP Buyer Connection delivers leads culled from a powerful and targeted audience, ensuring marketers’ investment by delivering the right information to the right buyers at the right time.”

CMP Buyer Connection maps to the technology marketer’s initiatives all across the purchase process by providing three tiers of products delivering qualified leads, cultivated leads and sales-ready leads. Each tier is designed to provide marketers with increasingly valuable information about technology buyers. A universal registration system combined with focused analysis, assessment of the user’s demographics and content consumption, and scores ranking users’ activity through a particular campaign, provides marketers with a detailed prospect profile.

Profiles are delivered to vendors either through a web-based lead management system or directly into the vendor’s Custom Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Leads are scored based on the user’s activity throughout the marketing campaign.

The three CMP Buyer Connection tiers are:

  • Lead Express offers quick and simple access to qualified buyers. Easy-to- execute, single element programs are designed to drive leads, with detailed buyer information and to establish rapid return on investment (ROI.)
  • Lead Optimizer combines multiple campaign elements with behavioral and demographic detail about individual buyers, as well as buyer evaluation and scoring based on their activity. Personalized lead assessment is available for an extra fee, accelerating prospect/vendor interaction and adding qualitative information to the prospect’s profile and buying activity.
  • Lead Nurture provides the greatest detail on the leads provided, including the ability to assess the amount of time a prospect spends with a marketer’s brand, explicit scoring and custom content tailored to track and drive a user’s progression within the buying cycle and delivering sales-ready leads.

For sponsorship opportunities associated with CMP Buyer Connection, vendors should contact their CMP sales representative or call 1-800-263-4530.