Clubdango was born out of the idea to create the world’s largest directory of socially active nightclubs, dayclubs, bars and lounges, with thousands upon thousands of venues, events and photos updating daily. Powered by a proprietary, continuously auto-updating system integrating any new entertainment events and deals populated in real time, in a user friendly format.

Clubdango is the World’s Only Social Entertainment App, but it goes even further, by being the only app of its kind that is fully integrated with Facebook. Built with social media in mind, Clubdango updates the entertainment world instantly. Social Media + Entertainment = Clubdango.

One of the key features of the app is the Proximity Push Deal Notifications fans will receive from venues in their area. Imagine your target audience, whether they be locals or visitors, not knowing where to go or who to call to enjoy a night out? This happens every day in every city throughout the world, people need one tool to show them where to go, who to contact and a call to action, Clubdango captures it all. Clubdango will tell any user everything available to them anywhere in the world, in real-time, with direct access to the host venue or deal provider, with no middle man or hassles. Venues may upload new deals and events instantly from their mobile device, receive full analytics, and a complete database of all user interactions.

Venues could spend up to $50,000 and six months building a proprietary app, followed by untold further monies and time marketing and populating the app. With Clubdango all venues will share in the benefit of all socially active entertainment venues worldwide populating one app of entertainment hungry clientele.

Clubdango is a free download available now in the Apple App Store and Android Market. Users may create an account to view venues, events, deals, receive pushes, save favorites and share it all on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. Also enjoy powerful search options by location, events, venues, keywords, and follow GPS based directions.