Presented at CeBIT, CloudX is a centralised platform serving the entire global device ecosystem from manufacturers, network operators and distributers through to traders and dealers. Members access CloudX via a desktop browser or mobile app. Transactions are anonymous and executed directly and entirely securely on the platform. Payment and delivery of the goods are then fully bonded and guaranteed through an exclusive secure integrated supply chain.

Mohsen Khalkhali, Founder and CEO of CloudX explains, “The professional mobile device industry is still behaving very traditionally. Transactions are being done by email, phone, instant messaging and even fax. For a $400 billion market, this is astonishing. CloudX is a game changer.”

Technology developed by The Currency Cloud is fully integrated into CloudX and ensures that transactions, which can be conducted in 6 currencies, are totally secure. The Currency Cloud is an established London based financial technology company fully regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

CEVA Logistics, a global logistics company with operations in over 1,000 locations, ensures that the logistics element of the distribution process is both secure and predictable. Rigorous quality checks are built into the logistics process to ensure that the goods always arrive as expected.

“Different participants in the mobile device ecosystem have different needs,” says Khalkhali. “Whether your goal is to find new suppliers, sell surplus stock or simply to trade with greater confidence, CloudX is your total solution. Our vision is to make distribution more reliable for the whole market.”

CloudX launched was January 2014. For more information visit