Clemex Technologies Inc., a leader in
Image Analysis software for microscopy, announced today the nomination of two
new administrators, Mr. Michel A. Lasalle and Mr. Paul-Henri Rouleau along
with the distribution of 40,000 stock options.

Michel A. Lasalle is president of Gestion Michel A. Lasalle inc, a
management consulting firm created in 1983. M. Lasalle has a wide experience
in business strategic planning, such as capital investments, acquisitions,
merging and restructuring of companies, marketing and business development
along with a solid understanding of business operations. M. Lasalle has a
business administration diploma from HEC Montreal and a bachelor’s degree in
industrial engineering from Polytechnique in Montreal, both affiliated to the
University of Montreal. M. Lasalle is also an active board member with
companies in the high tech industry, which has given him the opportunity to
develop a very good understanding of the industry.

Paul-Henri Rouleau

Mr. Rouleau has a solid 19 years of experience in business financing
combined to a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In the course of
his career, he worked as Account Director with the Royal Bank of Canada, and
then joined the high technology business finance group with the National Bank
of Canada. M. Rouleau then worked with Desjardins Investments. Since 2004, he
works with several high technology companies to offer consulting services in
corporate and financial management. In the course of his career, he realized
several complex financial analysis, has worked with over 500 corporations,
including 150 companies operating in the high tech industry.

Clemex also announced the distribution of 40,000 options, November 14
2005, to the new board members.

The following table outlines the breakdown of options granted:

No. of Exercice price
options $ Can

Michel A. Lasalle 20,000 options $ 0.22
Paul-Henri Rouleau 20,000 options $ 0.22

Clemex Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures and markets image
analysis systems and software used by quality control and research microscopy
laboratories. Clemex’s customer base spans over many countries in America,
Europe, Asia and encompasses major Research and Development Centers,
prestigious Universities and large manufacturing industries in various fields
including automotive, aerospace, raw materials manufacturing, pharmaceuticals,
mining and other sectors.