CITTIO Inc., the innovation leader in
network and systems monitoring software, announced today that WatchTower its flagship network monitoring product, is gaining significant traction among
network managers in the Canadian market, including those in the healthcare and
technology sectors as well as among Canadian Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

CITTIO has secured several important customer agreements in the past
quarter alone including Quick Service Software in Niagara On The Lake and
NuComm International with headquarters in St. Catharines, Ontario.

These companies join a cluster of MSPs and their customers already using
the WatchTower product including Neotel International, based in Markham,
Ontario; Alliance Technology of Toronto, Ontario; and Innovation Networks,
based in British Columbia. In total, WatchTower is monitoring the networks and
applications of its customers, and its customers’ customers, in nearly 5,000
Canadian locations.

“We simply cannot afford any glitches or downtime in our data center, as
it has the potential to adversely impact every one of our customers,” said
Chris Taylor, Operations Manager, Quick Service Software, a company ranked #35
on Canadian Business’ Profit 100 list this year. Quick Service Software’s
hosted application, ClearView, is a subscription-based enterprise application
that handles back-office functionality for the food services industry,
including thousands of Tim Horton’s and Wendy’s restaurants. “WatchTower’s
robust product features combined with its simple pricing model provides us
with a sophisticated range of real-time network monitoring, proactive
management, customized technical support and executive dashboards, allowing us
to consistently provide the highest level of service to our customers.”

At the same time, managed service providers are creating viable and
profitable businesses by leveraging WatchTower to deliver network monitoring
as a service. “We are creating an entire business unit working with CITTIO,”
said Howard Phee, CEO, Neotel (NIT on the TSX Venture Exchange). “CITTIO’s
team is providing not only network monitoring software that is optimized to
run in multi-tenant situations, but also the financing, business coaching and
training that is enabling us to hit the ground running.”

Network operations experts at CITTIO designed WatchTower to simplify
network management, while delivering the most cost-effective, easy-to-use
enterprise monitoring software on the market. WatchTower tracks system
operations using Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) to monitor network
devices, software applications, database servers, and more. WatchTower queries
vital statistics and receives traps from remote servers and devices; users can
then send emails or pager alerts and can configure automated responses to
system alerts.

In addition, CITTIO’s WatchTower provides comprehensive executive-level
information enabling organizations to create tighter links between business
and IT.

For example, network managers can aggregate data from various departments
within their organizations — such as e-commerce or human resources — into
comprehensive executive level process views. In addition, using WatchTower’s
executive dashboards, executives can make more informed decisions about
continued IT investments and their intended business consequence.

WatchTower is easy to deploy and maintain. Unlike other enterprise-class
solutions, it does not require months of training, customization, and system
integration, which lowers the overall cost of managing and maintaining an IT

“Canada is a growing market and one to which we are committed,” said
Jamie Lerner, CEO of CITTIO. “As such, we will continue to put both employees
and partners in place, insuring our Canadian partners and customers have
access to the sales and engineering support they need.”