Cisco unveiled a new line of Linksys wireless routers in Canada, designed to let its core audience of tech experts and enthusiasts take their home networking experience to the next level. The streamlined product lineup sets a new precedent for simplicity, power and performance and makes it easy for consumers to find the right technology to fit their needs. The line also includes new Cisco Connect software, which gives users tools for easier customization and control of their home wireless experience.

“Linksys pioneered the first home router 10 years ago, and 50 million units later, it’s the world’s leading provider of home wireless routers,” said Jonathan Kaplan, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco Consumer Products. “The new E-Series caters to Linksys’ core technology-minded consumer base, with a simplified product lineup that is ideal for today’s sophisticated home network user.”

Cisco Connect Software: Simple Setup with Advanced Capabilities

With the addition of the new Cisco Connect software, the new Linksys E-Series is designed to make it easier for users to customize and control their wireless network settings to match their preferences. With a quick and easy setup, the software auto-assigns the WPA security passkey and SSID. Once those are configured, users can use Cisco Connect to easily manage their wireless home network by:

– Adding multiple Internet-capable devices to the network

– Setting parental controls for each computer or device

– Giving visitors password-protected Internet access on a separate
guest network

– Customizing advanced settings and changing the network SSID and

For the advanced user, Linksys’ advanced features are still available through the default IP address (

Product Descriptions and Pricing

The new Linksys E-Series line offers a full range of technology options to help users find what works best for them. The new line, including a USB Wireless-N Adapter, is available at Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples, London Drugs, The Source and other select retailers.