Like a flawless acrobatic performance, deploying these networks allows
Cirque du Soleil to deliver an unforgettable customer experience. Using the
Orange Business Services global MPLS-based IP VPN and WAN solutions, as well
as professional services, each on-site network makes possible the global
availability of strategic business applications. All of these services are
essential for maintaining reliable communications among worldwide locations
and back to Cirque du Soleil’s headquarters in Montreal.

Orange Business Services, which has partnered with Cirque du Soleil for
eight years, is also providing a dedicated project manager, as well as service
management and Application Performance Analysis, to control all logistics
surrounding the global network implementation. This is especially important
since the six touring shows move to a new location approximately every six
weeks, and it is essential to have complete control over network connections
to ensure that sites are up and running on time. Each year Cirque du Soleil
visits 20 markets on five continents, and over the next 48 months, will tour
more than 125 cities worldwide.

“Deploying our networks on the fly as we travel across the globe presents
some unique challenges, especially since we have six shows touring
simultaneously,” said Danielle Savoie, vice president of Knowledge Management
and Information Technologies at Cirque du Soleil. “Our global infrastructure
ensures that on-site ticket offices are up and running, staff is aware of
critical performance logistics, and that as we tweak certain elements of each
show, we can communicate those changes to the next stop on the tour. We pride
ourselves on flexibility, from both an artistic and business point of view,
and partner with Orange Business Services because it possesses those same

“Our partnership with Cirque du Soleil perfectly represents the strengths
of Orange Business Services,” said Mack Treece, president of the Americas,
Orange Business Services. “Our global presence mirrors that of Cirque du
Soleil, and our ability to quickly deploy a network removes a significant
burden, allowing them to focus on performing the most spectacular shows
possible. Like Cirque du Soleil, we strive to deliver an outstanding customer
experience through innovative, refreshing and flexible ideas, and we’re proud
to extend our long-standing relationship.”