CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ — The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season is proving to be an active one as Tropical Storm Irene heads toward the North Carolina coast. It is predicted to strengthen as it approaches Cape Hatteras, and Cingular, with the nation’s largest wireless network, stands ready to weather the storm.

The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Irene could make landfall along the North Carolina coast early next week.

“We know all too well how critical communication is in an emergency situation,” said Rob Forsyth, VP/GM for Cingular’s North and South Carolina Region. “Cingular’s network was tested by the storms last year and proved its reliability. For many people, their wireless phone was their only line of communication during and after the hurricanes.”

The Cingular network is designed and built to withstand hurricane-force winds. Additionally, the company has a rigorous emergency preparedness and response process in place