After an overwhelming client response to becoming the first bank in Canada to introduce a Mobile Banking App for iPhone, CIBC today furthered its market leadership in mobile banking by introducing an innovative mobile banking experience for clients using an Internet-enabled BlackBerry or another smartphone. Clients can now take advantage of the latest graphics capabilities to make banking on the go an even better client experience.

These further innovations follow the launch of the CIBC Mobile Banking App for iPhone in February, which made CIBC the first major bank in Canada to launch a mobile banking App for iPhone. The App surpassed 100,000 downloads in just over one month following launch, and continues to grow rapidly in popularity, with over 1 million client logins to CIBC Mobile Banking since its introduction.

“The overwhelming response we have received from our clients using CIBC’s Mobile Banking App for iPhone or accessing our mobile banking services through their BlackBerry demonstrates there is a pent up need and demand for these services in Canada,” said Christina Kramer, Executive Vice-President, Distribution Services, CIBC Retail Markets. “Our clients are clearly showing through their behaviour that mobile banking is very important to them, and has enhanced their overall banking experience.”

CIBC clients are embracing the opportunity to bank on the go:

– Transferring funds between accounts and checking account balances are the most common transactions for clients using CIBC Mobile Banking,
highlighting the value of having access to day-to-day banking while on the go.

– In about 60 seconds, most clients are completing day-to-day banking transactions such as a bill payment, account transfer, or INTERAC
Email Money Transfer, highlighting the ease of use and flexibility clients enjoy when using mobile banking.

“Our clients are giving us great feedback on how using CIBC Mobile Banking has made their day-to-day banking easier and more convenient,” added Kramer. “Whether it’s making a bill payment, checking account balances in line at the grocery store, or finding your nearest CIBC branch, our clients are saving time and getting transactions done quickly using CIBC Mobile Banking and it’s made their banking experience even better.”