Userful Corporation, the global leader in desktop Linux 
virtualization, announced that it's upcoming product, Userful 
MultiSeat Linux 2010, has garnered an overwhelming demand in Latin 
America and Asia, despite not being commercially available until Q4 
2010. The low cost and robustness of Userful's MultiSeat solution has 
even made it possible for schools in indigenous villages in Brazil, 
where infrastructure is minimal, electricity is unreliable, and there 
is little physical space, to provide computer access to students for 
the first time. 

Userful MultiSeat Linux 2010 is a complete solution software bundle 
for schools that increases access to affordable educational computing 
in classrooms, and computer labs, by allowing up to 10 students to 
connect to a single host PC at the same time, each with their own 
monitor, keyboard, mouse and applications. The upfront hardware and 
software cost savings, and ongoing electricity and maintenance cost 
savings provided by Userful MultiSeat Linux 2010 can multiply the 
number of computer stations available to schools, delivering more 
stations within the same budget. On average, Userful's education 
customers report saving 60% in up-front costs, and 80% in annual 
power savings as compared to their previous PC-per-station solutions. 
That's why more than 30,000 schools in 100 countries are using Userful 
to provide millions of students with computer access. 

"Regions such as Latin America and Asia have been shifting to Linux 
and open source software in their schools for a few years now to 
eliminate software costs, and make it feasible to deploy 
plug-and-play computers right in the classroom on small budgets," 
said Beverley Gallagher, VP Strategic Partnerships at Userful. "Our 
education customers have been asking us to bundle Userful MultiSeat 
technology with their favorite Linux software so that they can 
install it all at once from a single DVD. That's exactly what we've 
done, and the response has been fantastic." 

Since Userful MultiSeat Linux 2010 is Linux based, the operating 
system (OS) and application software is all free! Hundreds of free, 
open source, end-user and education-specific applications are 
included, such as: Edubuntu OS, iTALC classroom computer management 
tool, ATutor teacher assignment tracking software, 
office suite, GIMP graphics suite, GCompris educational games suite, 
Firefox web browser, and many more. Teachers can use free open source 
software to further lower costs, easily tailor curricula to individual 
students, and monitor and control the classroom computers. Students 
can develop digital skills that will help them with their school work 
and prepare them for jobs in the future. 

With Userful, each student individually controls his or her own 
station and applications. To the students, it seems like they each 
have their own dedicated PC, but in reality they are all sharing the 
resources of a single computer. Setup is plug-and-play, and 
configuration is automated, making Userful easy to setup and use. 
Simply plug USB MultiSeat devices into the host PC, plug a monitor, 
keyboard, and mouse into each USB MultiSeat device, install Userful 
software, and the system is ready to support multiple students at the 
same time. 

Userful provides superior video performance to Windows alternatives 
such as Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server 2010 when using USB 
MultiSeat devices. At just $59 per seat (education pricing), and with 
no server licensing costs, Userful software is also the lowest cost 
shared resource computing solution on the market.