CellGuide, a pioneer in highly integrated host-based GPS/GNSS solutions for mass-market mobile devices, today announced the ACLYS solution, the newest member of its line of high performance GPS products. The ACLYS chip, together with its associated host- based software, leads the market evolution from existing stand-alone GPS products to more highly integrated solutions. ACLYS replaces dedicated GPS silicon by leveraging mobile processors or other wireless components inside the mobile device, to provide GPS functionality. CellGuide’s proven GPS technology has been integrated by several leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 mobile IC vendors to date.

Implementation of the ACLYS solution enables mass-market device manufacturers to implement GPS at break-through cost, while providing superior, best-of-breed GPS performance.

ACLYS was designed for mobile devices. Unlike other competing host-based solutions, ACLYS delivers consistently high, uncompromising GPS performance in all modes of operation (autonomous and assisted-GPS). ACLYS provides -160 dBm sensitivity and employs unique and proprietary navigation algorithms for accurate navigation even in the most demanding urban environments. State-of- the-art power management reduces power consumption to less than 10mW in tracking mode. ACLYS also operates with CellGuide’s long-term ephemeris technology to ensure fast startups even when no cellular network is available. Using an advanced RFCMOS process, the ACLYS chip is available in a 5mm x 5mm x 0.9mm QFN-32 package making it an ideal solution for mobile devices.

Nati Freiberg, VP Business Development, said “ACLYS is a natural evolution of our product-line. CellGuide’s products now comprise the most complete line of highly integrated GPS solutions that leverage a host device’s existing components. ACLYS is what mass-market device manufacturers need, in order to add GPS to their high-volume midrange and low-cost products.”

As a pioneer in host-based GPS/GNSS products, CellGuide has successfully integrated its solutions into a broad range of third party ARM/DSP based processors including those made by Freescale Semiconductor (MX series), Marvell (PXA series), NEC Electronics (MP series), Samsung Electronics (S3C24xx and others), TI (OMAP), and others. The ACLYS host-based software runs on the widest range of O/S in the industry, including Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Symbian, eLinux, Thread-X, Nucleus, u-Cos, and other RTOS.

To learn more about CellGuide’s complete line of GPS products, including the ACLYS, visit www.cell-guide.com or email info@cell-guide.com.