Cedar Point Communications, the leader in integrated packet-based voice and multimedia switching technologies for the cable telecommunications industry, has been named one of the “Six to Watch” in Business NH Magazine’s annual report on top private companies in New Hampshire.

Cedar Point earned the ranking based on its deployment successes in North and South America and the Caribbean, as well as its recently announced entry into the European market. The Business NH report cited the company’s agreements with Comcast and Charter Communications, as well as product enhancements to the SAFARI C(Cubed) Multimedia Switching System that will enable cable operators to maximize return from “the evolving VoIP market.”

“Business NH Magazine traditionally has been the finger on the pulse of industry in the state,” said George Kassas, founder and executive vice president, business development for Cedar Point Communications. “We’re pleased that the editors have recognized Cedar Point as one of the real success stories in the state, and look forward to bringing growth and jobs to New Hampshire in the future.”

Cedar Point’s SAFARI C(Cubed) is the only totally integrated carrier class VoIP switch that incorporates — at no additional cost — all of the components that make up the PacketCable(TM) voice switching infrastructure, eliminating the need for operators to purchase, maintain, upgrade and regression test separate Call Management Servers, Media Gateways, Record Keeping Servers, Announcement Servers, Signaling Gateways, Ethernet Switches and CALEA servers.

Designed to accommodate not only current voice switching needs but also the anticipated migration to video telephony and multimedia services, the PacketCable(TM)-qualified SAFARI C(Cubed) provides superior performance and reliability, significantly reducing capital expenditures, system integration and operations costs for cable operators offering telephony services while increasing network integrity, security and privacy.