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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

VMware 2021 Global Security Insights Report: Surge of Cyberattacks in Canada

VMware recently released the Canadian findings of its 2021 Global Security Insights Report, which highlights how the cybersecurity threat landscape evolved in 2020 and how organizations in Canada plan to combat growing threats in 2021. 77% of...

As We Roll Out of the Pandemic, What Should We Expect in the Channel?

Every day, I learn many new things as I interview some of the smartest people in the tech industry for eChannelNEWS and from other private discussions. One question that we often...

Julian Lee Discusses with Jay McBain about challenges facing the industry

What are the big challenges facing distribution now and in the future? What should vendors already be doing with their channel partners to future-proof their businesses. Just some of the questions...

LogMein’s Predictions for the Channel and MSPs in 2021

Rick Ribas, VP Global Channels at LogMein, shares what we can expect for the channel and MSPs in 2021: The unexpected: One of the unexpected indirect results from the pandemic has been...

Jay McBain from Forrester talks about why indirect matters to your future

A lot of companies in any industry have ignored indirect sales for a very long time.   Twenty years ago, CRM and sales enablement tools have revolutionized the way people sell...

2019 Predictions from Continuum

Michael George, CEO, Continuum: The MSP Market is Going to Be Dominated by the Top 20 Percent The Pareto Principle suggests that 80 percent of the wealth is dominated by 20 percent of...

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