Saturday, May 25, 2019
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VARs and MSPs Discuss Their Experience at ChannelNEXT East 2019

Listen to see how ChannelNEXT events have helped these VAR/MSP companies grow:

Glynis Devine Teaches People To Do What They Do BETTER

Glynis bases her teaching around Core Motive, what values we align with.  For her, Mastermind sessions allow to take in all the expertise in the room and co-create solutions together.  It...

What helps you decide which channel events to attend?

Is it the... Theme? Topics? Speakers? Exhibitors? Content? Location? Organizer? Reputation? Venue? Duration? Peer-to-Peer networking? Parties? News media coverage? Habit? Influencers? Past Experience? Cost? Want to know what your peers consider when...

Zoho Launches Next Generation of Office Suite

Zoho announced its new version of Zoho Office Suite, which includes four sophisticated, cloud-based productivity software applications—Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and Zoho Notebook—enhanced with Zia, Zoho's AI-powered assistant. Zoho Office Suite provides deep...

A Pioneer’s Journey in Backup Disaster and Recovery

The Backup Disaster and Recovery sector has dramatically evolved over the past three decades from the tapes into a commoditized Cloud solution today. Most businesses understand that the protection of data...

Aparavi Announces Major Enhancements to Popular Active Archive Platform

Aparavi, a leader in the multi-cloud data management space, announced major enhancements to its Active Archive℠ platform, delivering improved resource management and operational efficiency, as well as enhanced insight and management...

Helping MSPs and VARs to accelerate their Microsoft business

Check out my eChannelNEWS interview with Gary Garnett, Managing Director of The Readiness Company on how they are helping channel partners to increase their business with Microsoft solutions. If you sell...

Fujitsu Fi-7300NX Scanner Needs No PC To Run

Check out our recent webinar on Fujitsu’s latest Fi-7300NX Scanner.  This appliance from Fujitsu is a game changer in the scanner World. Its small physical footprint is going to free up a...

Podcast with Jay McBain

Microsoft announced recently they will bring on 7,500 partners per month on top of their 400,000 base.  These new channel partners are mostly '‘shadow” channels, meaning they are companies that are...

Celebrating Women in Tech on February 7th in Toronto

On February 7th we had the opportunity to present the first ever Women in Technology Awards at the Eglinton Grand in Toronto, Ontario. Three incredible leaders in the tech sector were...