Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) is proud to announce that “Catan Online,” the online, multiplayer subscription version of “The Settlers of Catan,” is now available exclusively at MSN(R) Games ( ). With MSN Games’ base of 30 million registered users worldwide, more people than ever will have access to this global gaming phenomenon.

Just like in “The Settlers of Catan” board game, “Catan Online” players claim new territories, build settlements and roads, and harvest valuable commodities in a race to settle a new land. The rich, multiplayer game embodies the beauty and elegantly interactive features of the original “The Settlers of Catan” while offering special new features, including a variety of gameplay modes in a trusted play environment. Players can choose Quick Match to be paired with players of similar caliber, play solo against the computer, or choose Invite a Friend to play against their MSN Messenger friends.

“Catan Online” is building on the success of “Catan: The Computer Game,” the premium single-player downloadable version of “The Settlers of Catan,” which has been one of MSN Games’ top 20 most popular downloads since its February launch. Another MSN Games exclusive, “Catan: The Computer Game” offers nine unique options for difficulty and play style, allowing players to truly customize their game.