Canon Canada Inc. announced the availability of the new DR-4010C* scanner, the latest addition to Canon’s award-winning DR scanner line. Providing colour scanning up to 40 pages per minute (ppm) and 80 images per minute (ipm), the DR-4010C is one of the fastest among departmental scanners in the market today. Ideal for the healthcare, legal, financial, education, and government markets, the DR-4010C boasts a number of new features such as automatic detection of colour or black-and-white document scans, the ability to handle a wider range of documents, as well as black-and-white contrast enhancement for improved low contrast document imaging.

“The DR-4010C scanner provides our customers with a unique combination of speed, workflow enhancements and image capture quality to provide a robust imaging solution to satisfy a range of market needs,” said Mason Olds, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of the Imaging Systems Group of Canon Canada, Inc., “Since entering this segment of the document scanner market in 1996, Canon has greatly expanded its product line to address all applications and environments.”

Positioned to be the flagship model in Canon’s departmental scanner segment, the DR-4010C includes Canon’s new Advanced Text Enhancement technology and the company’s new Auto Color Detection driver to optimize data-capture. The Advanced Text Enhancement technology allows the device to capture text information from scanned documents by removing patterned backgrounds, enhancing light coloured texts and removing halftone backgrounds. This technology helps ensure all text is properly extracted and captured on all scanned documents.

Canon’s new Auto Color Detection driver automatically distinguishes between colour and black-and-white documents and generates the appropriate colour or black-and-white image accordingly. This feature allows for colour and black-and-white documents to be scanned in a single batch without the need to separate documents and scan separately. The DR-4010C strengthens Canon’s position in the departmental scanning segment addressing the needs for a broad range of vertical business applications.

The DR-4010C targets department-volume environments, using an adapted Three-Line CMOS sensor to scan in both colour and black-and-white at a constant rate of 40 ppm, as well as 80 ipm in duplex scanning at the industry standard of 200 dpi resolution. The scanner’s straight path paper feeding capability allows it to easily scan a range of thick documents as well as plastic cards.

The DR-4010C scanner inherits the Canon DR scanner line’s proven reliability and image quality features, while additionally incorporating a variety of new capabilities, including:

  • ID card scanning using Straight Path feed capabilities
  • Punch-Hole Removal
  • Three-Dimensional Color Correction
  • Rapid Recovery System
  • Text Orientation Recognition
  • Auto Paper Size Detection

The new DR-4010C comes bundled with CapturePerfect 3.0, Canon’s out-of-box

office-scanning tool to better support software functionality, and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Standard. CapturePerfect maximizes document scanning, viewing, saving, distributing and printing capabilities, and is an ISIS-compliant application. CapturePerfect enables a number of image file editing and viewing functions, searchable and encrypted PDF file format support, as well as convenient ways to scan documents for different business imaging needs such as: scan page; scan batch-to-file, printer- or mail-; scan-to-presentation and scan job.

The DR-4010C is available now through authorized Canon dealers, select distributors, and Canon resellers at a manufacturer’s suggested list price of $5,495.