"Canadian vendor Elfiq Networks partners with Tech Data to offer its award-winning product line of Link Balancers to the Canadian VAR/reseller market. Elfiq's products bring a simple and secure way to deploy multiple concurrent ISP links for failover and increased bandwidth for internal users and hosted applications.

With critical dependence on Internet access and cloud-based applications, Elfiq's products deliver a key solution for any organization. No company can afford downtime from the Internet, even for an hour. Elfiq Networks also released a free white paper to learn more about this business opportunity, to download it visit


Elfiq’s products are deployed in 103 countries and in every business vertical as the core value proposition is to guarantee Internet connectivity. No organization can operate normally in 2011 without being connected and not suffering direct financial losses or suffer a productivity hit. Combined with the fact that almost every organization can use more bandwidth, the value proposition is a very strong one.

Any VAR operating in the networking/telecom space will see direct benefits from carrying this product line for multiple reasons: uniqueness of the solution, margin-rich opportunity, customer needs which can be addressed today and the opportunity to sell their own professional services.

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