As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, people will be looking to escape to a warm destination where they can enjoy some of the best water attractions our world has to offer. The travel experts at, Canadian online leader in providing travel deals created a list of must – see water destinations.

The list consists of unique pools, out of this world waterfalls, unreal beaches, the most relaxing hot springs, breathtaking caves and unbelievable lakes.

Unique pools – From breathtaking city views to being right in the ocean, each of the pools listed has a unique experience to offer. In most cases you need to be a guest at the hotel or club to be able to take a swim.

Waterfalls – Some of the most beautiful natural attractions are waterfalls around the world. A few of the waterfalls listed even allow for a swim to really enjoy it up close but the beauty from a distance can be just as breathtaking.

Beaches – There are thousands of amazing beaches around the world with crystal blue waters and gorgeous white sand. The beaches were selected by our expert team of vacation travel experts who provided insights into popular and up and coming beaches. Some of these hidden gems require a smaller boat to get there but the journey is worth the experience.

Hot Springs – A spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity. This underrated water experience of enjoying a hot springs will make you feel like you're at the most relaxing spa.

Caves – The natural formation of caves makes them an incredible place to explore by hiking the edge of a mountain to discover an amazing place to cool off in. Most caves are not properly monitored so be careful when exploring.

Lakes – The lakes mentioned can be explored from a distance or up close by biking, walking or if brave enough taking a swim. Each one makes a great place for a weekend getaway either in a nearby resort or campground.

Rounding out our list are various destinations around the world where water makes each place a must see: Singapore, Australia, Las Vegas, India, Maldives, Chile, Arizona, California, Croatia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Alabama, Zambia, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Italy, Portugal, Bahamas, Turkey, Utah, Alaska, Alberta, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Bermuda, Greece, Germany, Spain.

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