announced that it has selected Anchor Intelligence to monitor the quality of
traffic and sites across their network. After a one-month evaluation period
that resulted in considerable savings on behalf of advertising clients, successfully deployed the Anchor Intelligence ClearMark system
to monitor and evaluate pay-per-click traffic for its network of publishing
partners in order to improve overall traffic quality. is one of
the world’s largest second-tier search ad networks, servicing 1.9 billion
search requests monthly.

“As we enter 2009 the integrity of our traffic remains a top priority for, and we need access to critical PPC market data to help us
maintain and grow the highest quality of search traffic into our partners.
Anchor Intelligence is an integral part of this program,” said Barbara
Manning, CEO and President of

After evaluating several other providers, selected Anchor
Intelligence for its superior analytical rigor and robust reporting
capabilities. Anchor Intelligence’s flagship service, ClearMark, is the most
accurate traffic scoring system in the industry and the only system that works
in real-time. ClearMark scores each individual click as it occurs and provides
corresponding reason codes to enable networks to differentiate between the
good, the bad and the fraudulent. Each scored click is provided to GenieKnows
to enable accurate billing, inventory optimization and filtering decisions.
Scoring results are also available through a dynamic online reporting tool and
via an API to provide seamless integration with GenieKnows’ existing tools.

“ is fast becoming a key player within the vertical search
space reaching out to demanding users seeking access to specific content,”
said Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence. “They understand that advertisers
do not want traffic that is fraudulent in nature or under-performing. By
aligning themselves with Anchor Intelligence, they are taking a leading role
to eradicate unwanted search traffic and enable advertisers to obtain the
highest return on their advertising dollars.”

“After reviewing other providers’ approaches in-depth, we realized that
Anchor Intelligence offered the most complete package: accurate, cutting-edge
analytics; superior technology; and exceptional customer service,” said
Manning. “After just one month of using ClearMark, we were able to save
advertisers a considerable amount of their campaign funds by proactively
identifying and filtering non-billable clicks so that our advertisers are only
charged for legitimate clicks. Anchor Intelligence gives us unparalleled
visibility into our traffic quality, enabling us to strengthen our
partnerships and deliver better performance for our advertisers.”

GenieKnows Local provides the ultimate combination in mapping technology
and local search directories. Using its patent pending GeoRank(TM) algorithm,
GenieKnows Local links verified business listings with potentially
uncategorized web pages containing addresses.

The algorithm extracts and codes
the addresses, identifying the geographic coordinates with which the listings
are associated.