The BzzCampaign programs, which are
slated begin in May of 2006 and continue through the summer, will provide
Canadian consumers with an opportunity to experience new products and help
marketers deepen relationships with their loyal customers.

“Canada has emerged as a strategic imperative for BzzAgent,” said Dave
Balter, founder and CEO of BzzAgent. “Word-of-mouth knows no geographic
boundaries. Canadian marketers and consumers alike have recognized quickly the
value of this unique marketing medium.”

Assisting in the launch of Unilever’s new Knorr Frozen Entrees,
BzzAgent will design, implement and measure a word-of-mouth campaign this
spring to elevate consumer expectations and evolve the frozen food category.
Knorr Frozen Entrees contain strictly premium ingredients, such as cream,
white wine, Parmesan cheese, Pecorino Romano cheese, extra virgin olive oil,
nested al dente pasta, succulent shrimp, and tender marinated chicken. As part
of the program, thousands of consumers in Ontario will have the chance to try
the new Knorr chef inspired Entrees.

BzzAgent will also conduct a 1,900-volunteer campaign for Unilever’s
Hellmann’s(R) Real Mayonnaise and Hellmann’s(R) 1/2 The Fat Mayonnaise in the
Ontario and Prairie Provinces. The Hellmann’s promotion will integrate into
Unilever’s “Be Famous” advertising campaign.

In Penguin’s case, BzzAgent will engage 1,100 enthusiastic volunteers to
read and discuss Marian Keyes’ Anybody Out There?, an instant Globe and Mail
bestseller on its release in Canada a week ago. Keyes is the hottest young
female writer in Britain and author of seven international bestsellers. She is
published in 29 different languages and Penguin Canada has engaged BzzAgent to
help accelerate early word-of-mouth on the new novel, in conjunction with the
author’s four-city Canadian tour in May. “The strategy of bringing first time
readers to this author,” says Penguin Marketing Director Yvonne Hunter, “is
that they will want to read everything she’s written. And Marian’s readers get
to know her a little better, even if they don’t live in Toronto, Vancouver,
Victoria or Montreal.”

BzzAgent has also agreed to organize BzzCampaign marketing programs for
two additional products offered by a major global brand. All five Canadian
campaigns are being developed in conjunction with Toronto-based Agent
Wildfire. The company is currently inviting members of its volunteer community
participate in these and other word-of-mouth programs. Canadian consumers can
join the BzzAgent network at