Gateway, the nation’s
third largest PC company, was selected by the California Highway Patrol (CHP)
to bring convertible notebook technology to one of the nation’s most renowned
law enforcement agencies. The $1.7 million deal for Gateway’s convertible
notebooks was secured based on the company’s responsiveness and sales service
to the organization.

The deal with the CHP marks one of many that Gateway has secured since
winning approval as a select vendor of the California Strategic Sourcing
Initiative (CSSI). The initiative allows state agencies to consolidate their
purchasing power and create common computing environments for increased buying
power. Gateway was chosen to provide technology across three major
categories — desktops, notebooks and is the only vendor chosen to provide
displays as a stand-alone purchase to statewide and affiliated organizations.

“The California Highway Patrol realizes the importance of working with an
organization that is willing to meet its unique needs,” said Vin Riera, vice
president of government sales, Gateway. “We are very excited that we were
able to address the challenge head on, with not only product innovation, but
with the standard way we do business.”

The CHP plans to place 1,088 Gateway convertible notebooks in patrol
vehicles to assist officers in accessing the Department of Motor Vehicles
(DMV) and Common Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems (CLETS) databases
and to efficiently communicate with dispatch centers alleviating large amounts
of radio traffic. The notebooks also allow officers to prepare and submit all
of the necessary reports required during their work shift. The device’s form
factor enables the CHP to take advantage of the vehicle’s existing notebook
brackets for cost-effective and faster installation. Additionally, Gateway
will provide the CHP with an extended 4-year warranty on the systems.