CA, Inc. announced it has released its CA Internet Security Suite 2007 and CA Desktop DNA Migrator 2007 software on a pair of two gigabyte (GB) credit card-sized flash drive memory cards. Once the CA software is installed, the unique, ultra slim, wallet-size flash cards can be used to comfortably transport 2 GB worth of personal items such as digital music, photos and documents. The 2 GB flash drive is included with the purchase of the CA software.

Customers will have the option to buy a drive pre-loaded with CA Internet Security Suite 2007; or a combination of both CA Internet Security Suite 2007 and the award-winning CA Desktop DNA Migrator 2007, called CA Secure & Store Flash Drive. Both programs work with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, and the flash drive allows users to take advantage of Windows Vista ReadyBoost technology that can be used to speed applications and boot-up time for Windows Vista systems.

The CA flash drives make a perfect gift for Father’s Day, for recent graduates, or for anyone who has recently received a new PC or who needs the latest in PC security. PC owners can install the CA software from the CA Secure & Store Flash Drive to quickly move files and settings from an old PC to a new one, schedule regular backups, and secure their PC against viruses, worms and Trojan horses.
“These ultra-slim flash drives fit in your wallet just like a credit card-perfect for anyone who needs to access files on the go,” said George Kafkarkou, senior vice president of worldwide Home / Small Office for CA. “We believe the design, functionality and value of the CA flash drive is unlike any other on the market.”

The flash drives, manufactured by Ultra Products, Inc. for CA, work with Windows 2000, XP or Vista systems. The drives require one available Universal Serial Bus (USB) port with a USB 2.0 interface, but are also compatible with USB 1.1 ports. Typical transfer speed is 480 Megabits per second (Mbps). The 2 GB of storage will become available after installation and deletion of CA software from the drive (70 MB for CA Internet Security Suite 2007, and 90 MB for CA Secure & Store Flash Drive). The drives also come with a limited lifetime warranty from Ultra.

The pre-loaded CA Internet Security Suite 2007 can be installed on up to three personal computers from the flash drive. The suite features:
A simple look-and-feel that helps users quickly and easily set preferences, check program status, and maintain a secure PC
Integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and personal firewall
Low system overhead, with a total install of only 70 MB and low usage of system resources
Threat Outbreak Warning System that provides real-time threat alerts from the CA Security Advisor
Support by the CA Security Advisory Team with worldwide research labs working 24 x 7 to detect threats before they affect users’ PCs.
The pre-loaded CA Desktop DNA Migrator 2007 also comes with an Ethernet cable. The product offers:

A quick and easy way to transfer and safeguard a PC’s “DNA” -pictures, music, address books, email, favorites, Internet Connection settings, and more-from one PC to another.
Unmatched migration speed
Flexible Migration Methods that quickly stream a PC’s DNA directly from an old PC to a new PC using the Ethernet crossover cable or create a DNA file to transfer via DVD, flash drive or any removable media to a new PC or for use as backup.
Easy Backup – Incremental backups of a PC’s DNA file can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis and saved to a CD, DVD, flash drive or any removable media to protect PC settings and data from unforeseen incidents.

Once connected to a Windows Vista system, the Windows Vista ReadyBoost feature will allow users to improve PC performance without having to crack open their computers. Benefits of ReadyBoost include:

Faster boot-up
Faster loading and running of applications, especially often-used programs such as Microsoft Outlook
Improved program responsiveness when switching between multiple applications