This technology, generally known by the
initials HDR, permits the creation of strikingly sharp images with perfect
contrast and exposure. is the first real estate Website in
Canada to offer HDR technology to its clients.

“The image reproduction is so sharp that you can now clearly see a
backyard or city view, looking out of a window from inside the house. A
conventional photo would just show the exterior as an over-exposed white
blur,” explains Samuel Bouchard, New Technologies Manager at
In a real estate market that is apparently experiencing a downturn, believes this new technology will help owners sell their homes,
aided by sharper, better-quality images on the company’s Web pages.

For some years, has provided professional photographs to
its clients seeking to sell a property. “Our research indicates that buyers
often base their first impression of a house on the photos they see,” adds
Samuel Bouchard. We believe these new HDR-generated images will vastly improve
that first impression and be much closer to the way the human eye perceives

Originally developed for computer-generated vision solutions, HDR imagery
has been adapted more recently to digital photography applications. The
process is ideal for use with the low-definition photos that are typical of
real estate, balancing the light intensity in different parts of an image, or
blending several photos into one.