“You could call it a cloud based version of our existing business intelligence solution, TARGIT BI Suite”, says TARGIT CTO Dr. Morten Middelfart. “But TARGIT PI is a revolutionary new way to embed data”.

TARGIT PI allows users to upload their raw data files and gain overview and insight thanks to the intuitive graphical visualization and navigation, which also exists in the popular TARGIT BI Suite. 

“We give non-technical users the opportunity to upload, analyze, share and discuss data in one single click. The data we see in TARGIT PI is likely to be more of a personal interest than a corporate interest. We think it is because people have a lot of personal data they would like to analyze and share, but due to lack of time and technical skills, it has never been possible – until now!”, explains the TARGIT CTO.

Users upload data about FIFA World Cup, web statistics, weather data but also more personal data such as banking statements are uploaded and analyzed. 

Despite the name TARGIT Personal Intelligence, some companies may use TARGIT PI as a pure Software as a Service (SaaS) business intelligence solution. 

“Essentially, TARGIT PI is a social network of personal intelligence with great potential, and it is a revolutionary new way to conduct what we until today have known as business intelligence”, concludes Dr. Morten Middelfart.

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